Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shesh Finally here

So After waiting and waiting to go to Denmark, the time had finally come for me to leave! Wahooooo, Off into the big wide world!!
Thursday morning i left Hamilton with a storm (literally there were floods everywhere) haha. Saying goodbye to my best friend Jess at 6am, and leaving my fimilliar surroundings of home. The airport was scary, i met new people from NZ who accompanied me into this great adventure. Tears ran as i said goodbye to those closest to me. It was so hard saying goodbye to my mum and dad, specially because thet have become much more than just this title to me, a bestfriend too. As i looked back at those who matter the most in my life, somewhere , somehow i knew it was going to be okay. This is just the new chapter of my life-- Bring it on.

First Stop-- Singapore Airport--Wahooo. I'll never forget this stop. 12 hours after we left NZ and we had some over tired teens on out hands alright. Not on my hands lol i was the overtired hypo dypo teenager with good old Kate Muir and Sean Kelly Of course!! Everything and anything was a laugh although Not to the Singapore troops who watched our every move with Guns draped over their shoulders. Ready to pounce on anyone or anything at any momment.
A cut finger, 40 cents, "plaster please", no ,no ,no.
Great times were had in that place. And us "Kool Kids" will forever remember the ride of our lives. Its gunna make us or break us.

Frankfrut and then Denmark. Asleep for four hours awake the rest, trying to understand that We're in Denmark for one year of our lives. Living a normal teens life in a different place, a differet language and perhaps a different time.

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Salyz said...

wow off on the journey of a lifetime--have a wonderful time dear!! mum