Friday, August 15, 2008


School was so great today! I Had an awesome time with my class, made some friends and had a blast dong good old "building activities haha Felt like i was 3rd form again which is what i basically am haha It was awesome tho.. Now im home ive had anap and im just exuasted, We walked 10km no joax! To get to the "special place" today then when we got there had to walk all around the forest haha it was beautiful though. I am suppose to be going to dinner with everyone from 1y and then a party after but i don't think i would make it, im smashed i need more sleep haha AS lame as that may sound but Jetlag + 10km walk +People speaking DANISH 24/7 Don't make it easy lol And i Can't WAIT to meet my host family tonight!! 2am!!!! Bring it on. haha

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