Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Wahoooo AFS Camp 2008.

Seriously fun with completer strangers, from all over the world lol

At first i was a nervous reck. I had no idea what to expect, would i make friends or just be the outcast of the group haha. But in the end it was the most fun of my life. I met sooo many new people and got no know them all very well in only four days. It feels like ive simply known them for a lifetime. We were crazy , but thats alowed we're afs students !!!

We got to learn how to cook Danish food-- PIZZA lol not so Danish after all. Which was absolutly classic with italians screaming 'NOooooooo" as we cooked them the "danish way". haha.

Dishes were an important part of everyday, 200 plates to clean at breakfast lunch and dinner. i'd say the NZ and U.S.A would have been a prominant part of this ruteen. Singing and dancing was a must every!! The maori war cry with an american twist was amazing and dances from all over the world.

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