Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1st Day of School

Time to meet the real Danish world .... SCHOOL
It was most definitely the scariest day I've ever had, although it was exciting scary!! lol It started off with Bjarka, Francine (Alaska) and I travelling to Middelfart from Ringe (which is where i am living at the momment, untill saturday YAY) . Me being shifty the whole way i must say. I met the principal, sat in the hall with all the other students and went with my class. When we entered the room there were a pile of books a mile high i sware!!! Sooo much reading, and when i looked through them, OHH one book i could read and very well!! ENGLISH YUS haha.

Then the teachers blabered on in Danish for an hour and a half, wouldn't have a damn clue what they were saying haha This will be interesting!!! Shesh!! Then everyone started to get up and leave-- Shit, where were they going, i had to ask a girl on the way out haha, Break time. Great-- i no no one at this school, what a cool kid!! lol So i just walked casual as out of the class room to meet some students from my class looking my way. "Hi im Shannon from New Zealand" and they all kind of stared at me..haha then i talked a little with a girl and then back to danish land but with kids lol it was so awquared being the tag along for one, but then standing there having no IDEA what was going on. They could have been saying anything in the world and i just would have stood there haha

Then we went back to class and older students from 3rd gymnasium where there to greet us and "chat" not that i understand chat at all haha. We played name games ,not that i remember any ones names lol and had a tour of the school where i made a friend!!!!!! Melanie who kind of translated all the danish for me, she was nice so im glad i met at least a couple of people... Not so bad first day huh. School finished at 11 and we have it tomorrow too but as im in Ringe i am not going until Friday where it is activities all day and a chill time with the class-- then a party at school haha so hopefully i make more friends there huh.


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iggypoppa14 said...

oh my lord.. they were probably talking about you bro.. na kidding don't worry first days are alway the worst.. as i have always said to you.. be yourself, your cool (HAHA) you will make lots of friends even if they can't talk to you hahaha. Love ya Miss ya. Smile hun :-)