Monday, August 11, 2008


Today i went to GERMANY!! It seriously was amazing, just after being here in Denmark for 10 days i get to Travel to Germany!! Wahooo . I went with Kyla, Bjarka and solvej on a journey that only took an hour and a half! Thats like going from Hamilton to Auckland in New Zealand! Just crazy!! I also thought that there would be customs or something starnge like this.. passport control but no just a sign welcome to Germany haha. Then Shopping here we come!! Everything is SUPER cheap in germany, soo much fun lol Was great fun xx Tomorrow first day of school, god im nervous. xx


Salyz said...

This would be Kayla??? the Aussie?? ooh chips!!!! Wheres the German Sausages???

bikerboi said...

Germany!!! Dats so kewl, but leathal by the sound of it id theres cheap shopping lol. Good luck for school.