Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today the family went boating once again! Was VERY fun, except the huge waves and the tiny boat !!! We went to a little batch tiny i tell you and just sat in the beautiful 25 degree weather and got A TAN. YUS -- Hamilton i hope you're feeling the cold!!!! hehe. Then Mor Mor and Mor far came and even Mor mor far (great grandad) Jacob, Jonas( Jacobs good friend who went on an exchange to Aussi), the fisherman (forgot his name) and and exchange studen Rachael (met Jonas in aussi) went out on the boat for some fun and went all around Middelfart ( see picture below!! ) It was such a nice day, i had a lot of fun!

On saturday was the class party, it was very nice to hang out with my class mates and eat dinner drink etc. I believe i was way to tired though and went home early as did everyone else ( as Friday night at Buddy Holly was a late one) haha Very NICE!

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daina said...

shaza! im so happy your having such a ball over ther on your adventure, and that your meeting all these new so proud of you for going on such a big mission, and i just cant believe your going to be turning 18 very soon...thats just freakin crazy!!! love you loads and try to send me a phone number of some sorts huh!! love you loads lil sis, take carexxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooo