Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Sunday With the Demants

Wahoo what a day its been. From waking up and being tired tired tired to being active and happy with all the Demant kids-- including adults! Its been heaps of sun. First we got up, ha a slow tiring breakfast then cruzed the day through. Playing Garden Volley was crack up. Then we went Sailing (as they call it) Boating as we do as the boat we went on had no SAIL!!! It was cool. Jacob (yacob) , Maria and Casper showed me everythi to see in the Middelfart Harbour, including the bridge from Fyn (where i live) to Jutland- (Big island connected to Germany) It was awesome. I'm Loving it!! X

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Salyz said...

Have you both got twin glasses on??? looking fabulous weather and sceanery--more please!!!