Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today the family went boating once again! Was VERY fun, except the huge waves and the tiny boat !!! We went to a little batch tiny i tell you and just sat in the beautiful 25 degree weather and got A TAN. YUS -- Hamilton i hope you're feeling the cold!!!! hehe. Then Mor Mor and Mor far came and even Mor mor far (great grandad) Jacob, Jonas( Jacobs good friend who went on an exchange to Aussi), the fisherman (forgot his name) and and exchange studen Rachael (met Jonas in aussi) went out on the boat for some fun and went all around Middelfart ( see picture below!! ) It was such a nice day, i had a lot of fun!

On saturday was the class party, it was very nice to hang out with my class mates and eat dinner drink etc. I believe i was way to tired though and went home early as did everyone else ( as Friday night at Buddy Holly was a late one) haha Very NICE!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Epic Weekend

Wahooo I'm having sooo much fun i hardly have any time to write on my blog. School is fantastic i really love my class a lot and they are all very very nice!! I have some awesome friends too!! The teachers are a bit crazy though. My friend Sara and Sofia got told off on Friday for helping me understand something. Now this i don't understand!!! I am bicycling to school every morning and night ( we get off school at 1pm YUS hehe ) just like a danish kid!!! Then i relax with the family all night. We usually watch movies haha. On thursday we went out for dinner at Cafe Razz. It was soo beautiful and on the waterfront too. VERY nice food!!! What a Treat!! Friday Night was ofcourse PARTY NIGHT haha Buddy Holly (the local club was holding a Fest for Gymnasium and Business school, it was fantastic, i met a lot more people and danced and partyed the night away. it really was greeat with my new friends!! Then Today i woke up, quite late i must tell you. And Jacob and i went Boating! Its really nice just to go on the nice flat water in 25 degrees of a sunny day and just cruze!! We saw dolphins and Seals so that was nice. On the way home (on Jacobs scooter) we went for a ticki tour of Middelfart. It was really amazing just zooming by all of Middelfart looking at this beautiful place that is now my home for a year. I have been in Denmark for a month today and I really can't get enough of it!!! I love it so much already! XX

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Afs Camp

Yay for AFS Fyn camp! In the complete middle of know where, through the forest you could find us, maybe! From Saturday 6pm till today 3pm was the AFS Fyn camp. We got to meet about 12 exchange students living on the Island of Fyn and get to know them a little better! Although the weather wasn't too good we had fun playing stupid games and today Kyla and I even decided to go on an adventure through the wilderness. and the rest followed our crazy lead. We met all the host familys and had lunch. I was about ready for a nap as i got woken up all hours of the night. SILLY exchnage students i say.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Party Time 1. Y

These are my GOOD Denmark Friends (Rikke, Sofia, Simone, Peter and Sara)

Wahoooo Last night was amazing!!! My first party in Denmark!!!! I got to know my class mates really well, party and dance all night!!! Was such a great night. We also went to a place called Walker. Which is like a club with live bands. It was really amazing-- nothing like ive seen in NZ before!! Dance Dance Dance!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Day In France, Perhaps?

I Wish!!!

Today at school was DENMARK GYMNASIUM OLYMPICS 2008 hehe

And of course the best class of all 1.y ( my class-- with the cool exchange student haha) Were FRANCE hehe. So we dressed up HARD and danced and sung our hearts out. We sprang and jumped. We ran and did the can-can (that is NO JOKE) we did aerobics like crazy Danes , made sculptures. In the end i think we lost haha and also got saturated by the rain of summer in dk. How lovely, it can go from 20 degrees to raining like winter in NZ. So i trudged on home in the rain haha. It was seriously the best day to get to know everyone. The Dress ups were crazy! The Danes interpretation on AUSTRALIA was Crack up!! BLACK and all bush like!!! I have made some awesome friends already, i can't wait to see what the rest of the year will be like.

And-- tonight is Party time hehe for 1.y at Lasse's house! YUS.

It's also ANDREW ROSES BIRTHDAY TODAY( in nz) tomorrow for me, Happy Birthday Andrew. you get a special mention on my blog haha XX

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Far's Birthday!

Today is Far's Birthday!! Birthdays are Crazy here in DK!!! So much stuff happens!! I love it, so much tradition and history behind it all!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First REAL day at school

Sooo Today was my first Real day at school!! WAHOOOO THERE I AM ................

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Sunday With the Demants

Wahoo what a day its been. From waking up and being tired tired tired to being active and happy with all the Demant kids-- including adults! Its been heaps of sun. First we got up, ha a slow tiring breakfast then cruzed the day through. Playing Garden Volley was crack up. Then we went Sailing (as they call it) Boating as we do as the boat we went on had no SAIL!!! It was cool. Jacob (yacob) , Maria and Casper showed me everythi to see in the Middelfart Harbour, including the bridge from Fyn (where i live) to Jutland- (Big island connected to Germany) It was awesome. I'm Loving it!! X

Saturday, August 16, 2008

..Back from Down under..

Host familys BACK from Spain, yay!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


School was so great today! I Had an awesome time with my class, made some friends and had a blast dong good old "building activities haha Felt like i was 3rd form again which is what i basically am haha It was awesome tho.. Now im home ive had anap and im just exuasted, We walked 10km no joax! To get to the "special place" today then when we got there had to walk all around the forest haha it was beautiful though. I am suppose to be going to dinner with everyone from 1y and then a party after but i don't think i would make it, im smashed i need more sleep haha AS lame as that may sound but Jetlag + 10km walk +People speaking DANISH 24/7 Don't make it easy lol And i Can't WAIT to meet my host family tonight!! 2am!!!! Bring it on. haha

Friday School

Shesh well today is friday and I have school from 8am untill 12pm, its activites all day with my fellow 1.g class mates. haha mates?? where lol Hopefully today i will make some friends. I hear we have to walk around town holding hands with a guy from our grade haha this will be funny. Lets hope he can speak english or i seriously have a problem. I think i will come home at lunch time to have a nap!! Jet lag sneaks up on me! Then after the "Party" later, i will come home and meet my new Family!!! At 2am saturday morning haha. Should be good! XX

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wahoooo I'm finally in my new home in Middelfart Denmark! Don't worry to much guys its produced Mi(ll)-fard. I'm sooo happy im finally here!!!! YAY Except the family is still in Spain! I am staying with Mor Mor and Mor Far (mothers, mother) (mothers, father) its awesome. I've met some cousins and everything i feel part of the family definitely!! except i haven't MET the family lol The house is beautiful and I'm so happy they have let me into their lives for a year XX
P.S Mor Mor and Mor Far don't speak English!!! This should be fun!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1st Day of School

Time to meet the real Danish world .... SCHOOL
It was most definitely the scariest day I've ever had, although it was exciting scary!! lol It started off with Bjarka, Francine (Alaska) and I travelling to Middelfart from Ringe (which is where i am living at the momment, untill saturday YAY) . Me being shifty the whole way i must say. I met the principal, sat in the hall with all the other students and went with my class. When we entered the room there were a pile of books a mile high i sware!!! Sooo much reading, and when i looked through them, OHH one book i could read and very well!! ENGLISH YUS haha.

Then the teachers blabered on in Danish for an hour and a half, wouldn't have a damn clue what they were saying haha This will be interesting!!! Shesh!! Then everyone started to get up and leave-- Shit, where were they going, i had to ask a girl on the way out haha, Break time. Great-- i no no one at this school, what a cool kid!! lol So i just walked casual as out of the class room to meet some students from my class looking my way. "Hi im Shannon from New Zealand" and they all kind of stared at me..haha then i talked a little with a girl and then back to danish land but with kids lol it was so awquared being the tag along for one, but then standing there having no IDEA what was going on. They could have been saying anything in the world and i just would have stood there haha

Then we went back to class and older students from 3rd gymnasium where there to greet us and "chat" not that i understand chat at all haha. We played name games ,not that i remember any ones names lol and had a tour of the school where i made a friend!!!!!! Melanie who kind of translated all the danish for me, she was nice so im glad i met at least a couple of people... Not so bad first day huh. School finished at 11 and we have it tomorrow too but as im in Ringe i am not going until Friday where it is activities all day and a chill time with the class-- then a party at school haha so hopefully i make more friends there huh.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today i went to GERMANY!! It seriously was amazing, just after being here in Denmark for 10 days i get to Travel to Germany!! Wahooo . I went with Kyla, Bjarka and solvej on a journey that only took an hour and a half! Thats like going from Hamilton to Auckland in New Zealand! Just crazy!! I also thought that there would be customs or something starnge like this.. passport control but no just a sign welcome to Germany haha. Then Shopping here we come!! Everything is SUPER cheap in germany, soo much fun lol Was great fun xx Tomorrow first day of school, god im nervous. xx

Sunday, August 10, 2008

..Chilling under the Danish Sun..

Sundays, Sundays
What to do in this Danish weather. One minute its 30 degrees the next its overcast and raining! So the best thing to do is watch some crack up Danish T.V. Watch some amazing movies. Eat Fatty food and nap lol theres no other way!!!!! haha. xx

10:00pm- Going to Get Kyla from Ulbolle, It was so beautiful to watch the sun going down this late. Usually taking an hour on bus and train we got th in under half an hour. The speed limits here are crazy!!! 160kmph.......... I really don't understand that, so many people must die. We also saw a castle (SOOO FRICKING AMAZING) and the famous Youth Prison in DK, scary shit!!
Beautiful country side everywhere.. XXX

Friday, August 8, 2008

Food. Food. Food.

Breakfast in Denmark, Sooo Rich. Going to get soo Fat haha. This is called Brunsviger. It it basically just like bread with brown suger all over the top of it, melted to it. Tastes really sweet and nice but soooooooo fatty!!! haha I've had it twice in two weeks!!

Then there is palaegschokolade. Chocolate on bread for breakfast!!!!

Holme Gaaed Glass Factory

Yesterday we (Kyla, Bjaka and I) went to Holme Gaaed glass factory. It was wicked fun!! Looking at how glass was made and then making it ourseleves. Ofcourse i had to buy some at the end. Holme Gaaed is world famous for its glass and i was right there in the factory!! Kyla and I also found our inner children haha as we played madly on the "kids" playground. Making the most ov every oppurtunity i'd say. X

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Adventures begin!

So, because my host family are in Spain on Vacation, i'm in a little town called Ulbolle with an Australian exchange student Kyla!! Its awesome fun just chilling and getting to know the country side, the people the lifestyle. The sleep in to 12pm haha. It's really good, i'm loving is soo much!! We went to town to find practical things i needed and found out everything is very expensive over here. oney, money, money!! haha.
We also visited Kylas school friends, typical Danish boys! lol Insted of living at home with their parents like normal 17 year olds they have their own apartments which was very cool i must say. The danish way!! Loving it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Wahoooo AFS Camp 2008.

Seriously fun with completer strangers, from all over the world lol

At first i was a nervous reck. I had no idea what to expect, would i make friends or just be the outcast of the group haha. But in the end it was the most fun of my life. I met sooo many new people and got no know them all very well in only four days. It feels like ive simply known them for a lifetime. We were crazy , but thats alowed we're afs students !!!

We got to learn how to cook Danish food-- PIZZA lol not so Danish after all. Which was absolutly classic with italians screaming 'NOooooooo" as we cooked them the "danish way". haha.

Dishes were an important part of everyday, 200 plates to clean at breakfast lunch and dinner. i'd say the NZ and U.S.A would have been a prominant part of this ruteen. Singing and dancing was a must every!! The maori war cry with an american twist was amazing and dances from all over the world.

Shesh Finally here

So After waiting and waiting to go to Denmark, the time had finally come for me to leave! Wahooooo, Off into the big wide world!!
Thursday morning i left Hamilton with a storm (literally there were floods everywhere) haha. Saying goodbye to my best friend Jess at 6am, and leaving my fimilliar surroundings of home. The airport was scary, i met new people from NZ who accompanied me into this great adventure. Tears ran as i said goodbye to those closest to me. It was so hard saying goodbye to my mum and dad, specially because thet have become much more than just this title to me, a bestfriend too. As i looked back at those who matter the most in my life, somewhere , somehow i knew it was going to be okay. This is just the new chapter of my life-- Bring it on.

First Stop-- Singapore Airport--Wahooo. I'll never forget this stop. 12 hours after we left NZ and we had some over tired teens on out hands alright. Not on my hands lol i was the overtired hypo dypo teenager with good old Kate Muir and Sean Kelly Of course!! Everything and anything was a laugh although Not to the Singapore troops who watched our every move with Guns draped over their shoulders. Ready to pounce on anyone or anything at any momment.
A cut finger, 40 cents, "plaster please", no ,no ,no.
Great times were had in that place. And us "Kool Kids" will forever remember the ride of our lives. Its gunna make us or break us.

Frankfrut and then Denmark. Asleep for four hours awake the rest, trying to understand that We're in Denmark for one year of our lives. Living a normal teens life in a different place, a differet language and perhaps a different time.