Saturday, August 30, 2008

Epic Weekend

Wahooo I'm having sooo much fun i hardly have any time to write on my blog. School is fantastic i really love my class a lot and they are all very very nice!! I have some awesome friends too!! The teachers are a bit crazy though. My friend Sara and Sofia got told off on Friday for helping me understand something. Now this i don't understand!!! I am bicycling to school every morning and night ( we get off school at 1pm YUS hehe ) just like a danish kid!!! Then i relax with the family all night. We usually watch movies haha. On thursday we went out for dinner at Cafe Razz. It was soo beautiful and on the waterfront too. VERY nice food!!! What a Treat!! Friday Night was ofcourse PARTY NIGHT haha Buddy Holly (the local club was holding a Fest for Gymnasium and Business school, it was fantastic, i met a lot more people and danced and partyed the night away. it really was greeat with my new friends!! Then Today i woke up, quite late i must tell you. And Jacob and i went Boating! Its really nice just to go on the nice flat water in 25 degrees of a sunny day and just cruze!! We saw dolphins and Seals so that was nice. On the way home (on Jacobs scooter) we went for a ticki tour of Middelfart. It was really amazing just zooming by all of Middelfart looking at this beautiful place that is now my home for a year. I have been in Denmark for a month today and I really can't get enough of it!!! I love it so much already! XX

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