Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rock Under the Bridge


was amazing
Can't believe how beautiful it was. Festival under the bridge from Middelfart to Fredericia :)
Nik og Jay, Infernal, L.O.C, Nephew.
Heres some You tube in what it sounds like :)
Go to the Chorus of this song :)
Nik og Jay

Old Song- But so well known around the world.
New Song - (Don't listen to introduction hehe its bad, but the song is good)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kopenhagen FAMILY

The Little Mermaid-- Written by H.C.Anderson from Denmark.

Where the royal family lives.

My beautiful family and i Minus Viggo and harrold.Troels and i being cool kids/

Christiana, the most hippy place i have ever been in my life. It was a Navy Zone in the old days but then when they Navy left there was nothing there so in the 1970s people came to make this "special place" where people who didnt want to live the way we do could go. They wanted a different way of living, their own way. Its very good to see, eye opener you could say. Kind of concidered like another country inside Denmark, with all its own ways. A place to buy some food, their own wood, materials everything. There own streets, mostly with tagging everywhere but it's not just tagging its ART. Most are young people i would say, trying to escape the real world and go to this "Place" But older people live there too. Selling weed on the streets and no police can really do anything about it. HIPPY you could say. You arn't alowed to take photographs in there either, because of the selling of drugs i guess.

Small childrens playground inside christiania. CUTE.