Friday, December 26, 2008

Dancing In Denmark

The Best Christmas In DEnmark ive ever had.

Christmas Presents Time.

Christmas Dinner

Family Photo before Church

Lovley title isnt it.
Best Christmas ive ever had in Denmark.
Well ive only been here for one.
. The danes Celebrate Christmas on the 24th Of December in the evening. Which happens to be at the exact same time us us New Zealand Kids. Because Dk- NZ Time difference is 12 hours. At 8pm on the 24th When it was Christmas for Me. At 8am 25th It was Christmas For all you New Zealanders.
But don't worry all my people back home it did get sad too. I miss you guys like crazy and on the 25th of December i was really feeling the homesickness.
The 24th Of December 2008
1. Wake up at 9.30am, Breakfast Time. Typical Bread and Cheese, watever you like.
2. Travel to Give presents.
3. The tree is covered in red sheets so us children can't see it just yet.
4. Everyone comes over from all the familys, to put presents under our tree.
5. We get ready and go to Middelfart Church.
6. Come home with the family and Mormor og Morfar.
7. Eat Risengrudood/ Rice pudding. Who ever gets the White nut in their plate wins a prize! That happened to be jacob. Yay.
8. Eat the main course which was loveley Goose og duck og pork. Potatos and brown sauce. Chips. Purple cabbage.
9. Unveil the Christmas Tree. (which was BEAUTIFUL)
10. Hold hands around the christmas Tree.
11. Sing and dance/ walk around the christmas tree.
12. Dance to the neibours house, sing and dance around their tree hehe
13. Open Presents. Family time
This is just a few words of what we really did. But thats just so you no how a danish Christmas is. It was very Special to me having a Christmas in Denmark.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Denmark

My New Zealand Christmas Tree hehe in the Demants house DENMARK

Making Mazipan lollies :)

Every Sunday we light a candle, its a tradition in December up to christmas. We also have a present every day in December leading up to Christmas. I only have 2 gifts left!!!

Mikkel made a hot dog haha :)

Christmas GYM party 1000 people

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

..Exchange time..

New Zealand Christmas

The Pav wahooo

Decorating the Christmas tree. Yus

The dinner was amaing. Lamb from New Zealand. Potatos and Kumera. Plus the starter PIES, Mince and cheese pies. Absolutley beautiful with Watties Sauce. I don't think any of us realised how much we missed good old pies :) It was AMAZING


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its WINTER thats for sure.

Lately these days i have to drag myself out of bed, the alarm goes off at 6.30am, the snoose button is pressed many times before i stumble out of bed at 7am. Mor is always in the kitchen making the lovley lunches of the day. And i, struggling to keep my eyes open, down a bowl of ceral, perhaps nearly pooring the juice insted of milk into the bowl.
I look out the window, its like a ritual. "What will be there today", i think. But the answer is still the same every day. BLACK. DARK. COLD. RAIN. SNOW.
I look at the degree metre. 0.2 Degrees. SHIT.
The ugg boots go on. The huge scalf around my neck a few times. Gloves , and ofcourse the BIG coat. I open the front door, where only the cold greets me. The Air so dry. The day so black.
I put the lights up on my bicycle. Red on the Back, White on the front. And trudge off on my journey. Every inch of grass is covered in small white icicles, they crunch as my bike rides over them. Snow is evident , and any water that was, has now frozen over. This is Winter.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


On Friday i Went to Kopenhagen/ Tivoli
The Theme park of Denmark <3
It was amazing, every inch of Denmark is covered in Christmas, its truley amazing. Everything is so cosy! Its cold outside, but warm inside. Hot chocolates are served, the fires are alight. The candles are burning. The snow is falling, the people are wrapped up in their winter clothes.
I love Christmas in Denmark <3

Brilliant Weekend. Kopenhagen Og Class Christmas Dinner Og Family Tree Hunt

Michelle Og I at The Class Christmas Party. Which was absolutley Great! Christmas danish food. YUMMY. I even made a Pavlova. They loved it :)

My Family at Mor Mor Og Mor Fars Hus, Christmas dinner!!
Eating a lot of food all together, so cosy.

Christmas Tree Hunting :) The Boys can do the job haha It took us only three hours but finally we found the best tree ever :)
The Elf Village Jacob and I made at our Hus. The house is covered in Christmas :)

21 Metres High, the tree in Kopenhagen.
Tivoli - The Danish Theme park :) BEAUTIFUL at Christmas time :)

Apple cakes.. nej.. kind of like pancakes in a ball. YUMMY Tivoli food :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's That time of year AGAIN, Christmas!

Christmas Time!
The snow is falls softly , the candles gleem from inside. Everything is so cozy... White Christmas could be right this year!

Saturday, November 29, 2008