Sunday, August 10, 2008

..Chilling under the Danish Sun..

Sundays, Sundays
What to do in this Danish weather. One minute its 30 degrees the next its overcast and raining! So the best thing to do is watch some crack up Danish T.V. Watch some amazing movies. Eat Fatty food and nap lol theres no other way!!!!! haha. xx

10:00pm- Going to Get Kyla from Ulbolle, It was so beautiful to watch the sun going down this late. Usually taking an hour on bus and train we got th in under half an hour. The speed limits here are crazy!!! 160kmph.......... I really don't understand that, so many people must die. We also saw a castle (SOOO FRICKING AMAZING) and the famous Youth Prison in DK, scary shit!!
Beautiful country side everywhere.. XXX

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Salyz said...

wow have a great time and hope you use that camera!!!