Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, This week has been VACATION week for everyone!! So our Demant family (hehe) decided to go to Germany! We went on Tuesday to a place called Hamburg which is only three hours from Middelfart! Isn't that Crazy! In New Zealand we would travel three hours and get to Taupo haha not another country! Its really great here! So we took the three hour trip and on the way i noticed the car going over a hundred... over one hundred and fifty... over two hundred... That's because in Germany they have no speed limits in some places!!! I really wondered how there is no car accidents.. but in Europe to buy a car is Very expensive and if you have that kind of money, you can drive.. very well haha. No Boy racers here! haha When we got to Hamburg, it was really like nothing i had ever seen in my life. It looked like i was in a movie! The houses were absolutely gorgeous!! Such a cute little town, seriously amazing.

We went Go-carting at the Ralf Schumacher Racecourse. ( The little brothe of Michael Schumacher, the world famous driver) It was awesome, a little better than "dateona" in Hamilton haha. Id say a lot better haha. It was great fun, and the Go-carts went sooo fast, Faster than any id ever seen before. By the end, my nickname was "Parker" haha but in mydefence i only spun out once and in the next race Jacob hit me, so its not my fault i like to drift haha.

Then on Wednesday we all went to the SKI DOME. Indoor ski and snowbaording place which was also amazing!!! It is here where i learned to snowboard haha. I though about skiing, but becasue i already am pretty good and it was only 400m indoor, i would give snowboarding a go! nd knowing me, im Goofy.. I really dont no what that means... I am weird at snowboarding perhaps?? haha But it was actually a lot easier than i expected, and i wasnt so goofy afterall becasue i could snowboard both ways. turn and stop and everything all n one day. I think i did pretty well for one day haha Jacob and Mikkel also snowboareded too. They were really good! And Mor, Far and Maria were skiing away. It was a really awesome Vacation, just with the family and im so glad i got to be with them a bit more. There was no Vacation with a little game called Sequince. AMAZING game which ofcourse Jacob and I Dominated in haha No all the family was good, but i will never forget the times we played this game in the middle of the hotel cafe, laughing and screaming at eachother, really i am so glad this family picked me. I am so happy in Denmark

P.S This Billboard was in Germany.. I have no idea why but thats me hugging it haha.

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