Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kylas Leaving Party

Weekend AGAIN
Where do the weekdays go to!!!
Wow the time has come for Kyla to go home already. Its Crazy that she is leaving already but her time has come and she has been in Denmark for a year now. And i have been here for three months. Crazy how fast the time passes without you even noticing although mum says it feels like ive been gone forever. So this weekend was great, time to catch up with the New Zealand kids and party hard. I was so nervous to see them again as i hadn't seen them in 3 months but it was natural, i miss good old New Zealand now ive had a taste of only a little part. I really hadn't realised how much i did miss the small things untill we all felt the same. But loving Denmark more (sorry Hamilton).

The party for Kyla was great!! Exchangys partying way to hard saying goodbye to Kyla. It lasted all night long, involving various drinks , dancing and photographs, oh dont let me forget the trampoline :) Fun times with 10 people at once :) haha.

I also got to spend time with my family this weekend as on friday it was a family birthday, so all the family went to Michael's house (Mor's brother). It was huge . I love it here how everything is so family orientated, so much time is spent together as one, celebrating ,laughing, joking and eating together. Makes me realise how much family and friends really mean, even from the other side of the world i know my friends are AMAZING. You know who you are :) .


Salyz said...

Family all sorts of family is soooooooo important!!! great pictures --whos the statue? oooh Simone a new one??? and where in Melbourne do we visit?

Salyz said...

Trampoline??? Photos of family please???