Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm Now 18!!!



I had one of the best Birthday/ Fodselsdag ever!!

Okay well i shall start at the start haha.
29th October 2008, Middelfart, Denmark.
At 6.00am my bedroom door opens and i am sudderenly awoken by my family singing a song as they enter..
"I dag er det "SHANNON"'s fødselssdag Hurra, hurra, hurra!Han sikkert sig en gave fårsom han har ønsket sig i årmed dejlig chokolade og kager til.
Hvor smiler han, hvor er han gladhurra, hurra, hurra!men denne dag er også rarfor hjemme venter "Mom and Dad, whoever birthdayboy lives with"med dejlig chokolade og kager til.
Og når han hjem fra "school, place of work" gårhurra, hurra, hurra!så skal han hjem og holde festog hvem, der kommer med som gæstfår dejlig chokolade og kager til.
Til slut vi råber højt i kor:Hurra, hurra, hurra!Gid "Name of person celebrated" længe leve måog sine ønsker opfyldt fåmed dejlig chokolade og kager til.
Today is "SHANNONS"'s birthdayHooray! Hooray! Hooray!He'll probably get a presentFor which he has been wishingAll with tasty chocolate and cakes.
Oh, how he smiles; how happy he isHooray! Hooray! Hooray!But then, this day sure is nicecuz' "Mom and Dad, whoever birthdayboy lives with" are waiting at homewith tasty chocolate and cakes.
And when he goes home from his "school, place of work"Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!He'll be going home to throw a partyAnd all those invited as guestsGet tasty chocolate and cakes.
To end this we'll all shout together:Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!May "SHANNON" live longAnd have his wishes grantedAll with tasty chocolate and cakes."
It was so great! I wish i had a camera damn!! I had never ever been woken up like that with a song. And so The danish experience begins!
The whole family sit down on my bed as i start to get presents! Firstly i got some indoor udd boot things! So cumfi ( from Ziggy, the dog haha) Then i got a purple lap top case, so funky, so me! And then.... the whole family said oh just one more small thing.. A brand new phone.. WHITE. its amazing! So now i have a danish phone YUS finally (as my phone wasnt working before) but this was more than i expected, it was truly truly lovely :)
Then we all got ready for the day and had breakfast. The table , around the table, outside and down the driveway was all covered in Danish flags ( this is what they do in Denmark, danish flags everywhere on your birthday so people know!!) It was amazing! We ate a special cake/ bread with brown sugar baked. ( tradition in Denmark to be a shape of a person with a face and the persons name, with lollies and decorations all over it-- see picture) mmmm YUMMY :)
Then i set off for school :) I had an awesome day at school with my friends and ofcourse more traditions come too.. The whole class sang to me.. another danish song :) And then i gave the class some New Zealand Lollies- Mintis and pineapple lumps hehe aparantly here when its YOUR birthday YOU bring lollies.. i dont no how that works but anyway haha. My friends wrote on the blackboards at school too (HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ Tillkke med fodselsdag) see pictures haha it was awesome.
Then i bicycled on home, to be greeted with more flag, more people, more presents. It was really an awesome day. The whole family came over later and celebrated with me, about 20 people all up + my friends. I got beautiful presents even jewelery! from my friends-typical danish so i will always remember my birthday. I made sausage rolls and Pavlova for part of my dinner so i had a little bit of home with me too so that was great. ( i was teaching my friends how to make it hehe) Dinner was great! The night was amazing, i really had one of the best fodselsdags ever. And in Denmark. Such a great Day.
To top it all off i got 50 comments on facebook from friends around the world ( no overexageration either) 50 exactly haha so that was awesome to know people were thinking about me even though i wasnt there :) Dad, Mum and Daina called me which was so lovely. It made my birthday :) Now ive got my old family and my new one. friends from everywhere. Seriously having a ball. I Can't stop smiling :)

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Francine St.Laurent said...

awwww that sounds awesome! i'm glad you had a good birthday! :)