Monday, October 6, 2008


OkaY so here it is what i have been up to for the last month haha sorry it has taken so damn LONg

First things first MIDDELFART had a carnival haha who would have thought, with dancing and music and bands and a circus and boat rides it was crazy until 9pm haha then it got a lil boring haha. Of course is was Friday night so my friend Simone came over and of course played NZ drinking games with lots of friends haha good times..... really fun, until MADAGASCAR came on with danish people talking, i mean what the HELL haha the was the end for me BED haha I went to H.C Anderson's house, the guy who wrote the little mermaid and such the ugly ducking very very cool!! I have also been skating here, man i miss IT !!

I have danish school every Monday and Wednesday, its funny going with the others we have such a good time being losers in another city, good FUN!

One Saturday i went to Kopenhagen for a family mid year Christmas party (was really fun and that's how much my family likes Christmas ha ha) it was in this beautiful house situated looking over the water wow it was amazing, all done up of course, a beauty i would dream to live in. The people there were amazing, my new family for the year! i honestly had a ball. We played so many games and just did funny stuff all day. One thing was a relay of transporting eels.... I'm not sure if that's traditional in Denmark ha ha it was certainly different!!!!! Holding slimy eels to give to the next person haha JUST CRAZY!

I have also been on the west coast of Denmark, in Jutland my host family has a summer house! It beats me why so many danish people want houses in the woods haha near nothing, but it was a different experience for me and was really amazing and it was fun all the same! Family time! quiet time, relax time haha.

Then there was the Gymnasium party, soooooooooo Much fun. Three party's in one night. 500 people at the school drinking alcohol with teachers, now thats crazy!

i also went to the AFS camp this weekend just been. It was awesome, i got to know people soo much better and made more friends that i didnt know before! SWISS, U.S.A ,AUSSI and NZ rule hehe They are awesome kids.

NOW, i am relaxing waiting for my matey Simone to come over and stay tonight as the teachers declared we have no school tomorrow!!! XXX

Love to you all . XXX

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