Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Zealand FOOD, would you believe it.

Yesterday i made a Pavlova and Sausage rolls Can you believe it. It was interesting alright but it worked well in the end! The Pavlova was crazy fun to make with Jacob. It took us maybe 2 or 3 hours because we had no idea what to do ha ha. But in the end it tasted SO great, we even topped it with Kiwi Fruit from New Zealand. Now that's crazy, going to the supermarket here in Middelfart Denmark and finding Kiwi Fruit with a sticker that says "NEW ZEALAND" on it.
And the dessert was gone in 5 minutes!! So it must have tasted pretty damn good, well nice for my first time making it ;) Then i made Sausage rolls which no one had ever heard of or seen before!!!! aha they were good too, made all by hand, Not just a buy from old New World!!! Next time ill make a steak and cheese pie?? Hm that might not impress them too much huh, Good old New Zealand food, gotta love it!!

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Salyz said...

Cooking yay--wait til you get home i will remind you of it all!!!!Clever girl--Mince and cheese pie will be a challenge!!