Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its WINTER thats for sure.

Lately these days i have to drag myself out of bed, the alarm goes off at 6.30am, the snoose button is pressed many times before i stumble out of bed at 7am. Mor is always in the kitchen making the lovley lunches of the day. And i, struggling to keep my eyes open, down a bowl of ceral, perhaps nearly pooring the juice insted of milk into the bowl.
I look out the window, its like a ritual. "What will be there today", i think. But the answer is still the same every day. BLACK. DARK. COLD. RAIN. SNOW.
I look at the degree metre. 0.2 Degrees. SHIT.
The ugg boots go on. The huge scalf around my neck a few times. Gloves , and ofcourse the BIG coat. I open the front door, where only the cold greets me. The Air so dry. The day so black.
I put the lights up on my bicycle. Red on the Back, White on the front. And trudge off on my journey. Every inch of grass is covered in small white icicles, they crunch as my bike rides over them. Snow is evident , and any water that was, has now frozen over. This is Winter.

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Salyz said...

That is a lovely story. Perhaps a new one would read "Mor in the kitchen smiling because there is a new day and lots of adventures ahead. I rug up warm in my lovely New Zealand winter coat, open the door to a crisp, cold and strikingly black air. My bycicle makes crunchy sounds on the cool crisp ice. What a great place to do another adventure today." love Mum the glass is half full!! not half empty!!