Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best Christmas In DEnmark ive ever had.

Christmas Presents Time.

Christmas Dinner

Family Photo before Church

Lovley title isnt it.
Best Christmas ive ever had in Denmark.
Well ive only been here for one.
. The danes Celebrate Christmas on the 24th Of December in the evening. Which happens to be at the exact same time us us New Zealand Kids. Because Dk- NZ Time difference is 12 hours. At 8pm on the 24th When it was Christmas for Me. At 8am 25th It was Christmas For all you New Zealanders.
But don't worry all my people back home it did get sad too. I miss you guys like crazy and on the 25th of December i was really feeling the homesickness.
The 24th Of December 2008
1. Wake up at 9.30am, Breakfast Time. Typical Bread and Cheese, watever you like.
2. Travel to Give presents.
3. The tree is covered in red sheets so us children can't see it just yet.
4. Everyone comes over from all the familys, to put presents under our tree.
5. We get ready and go to Middelfart Church.
6. Come home with the family and Mormor og Morfar.
7. Eat Risengrudood/ Rice pudding. Who ever gets the White nut in their plate wins a prize! That happened to be jacob. Yay.
8. Eat the main course which was loveley Goose og duck og pork. Potatos and brown sauce. Chips. Purple cabbage.
9. Unveil the Christmas Tree. (which was BEAUTIFUL)
10. Hold hands around the christmas Tree.
11. Sing and dance/ walk around the christmas tree.
12. Dance to the neibours house, sing and dance around their tree hehe
13. Open Presents. Family time
This is just a few words of what we really did. But thats just so you no how a danish Christmas is. It was very Special to me having a Christmas in Denmark.

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