Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photographer for 3 days at FyensStiftidende


It was one of the most Fantastic weeks i think i have ever had. Maybe for you, it was a little boring but for me. It was a once in a life time experience.
So i arranged to be with an Intern Photographer who i would be with for the nest three days, following, talking and learning all about photography and the business. It was Fantastic. The Photographer was Christian Brandt, he truley is an amazing photographer and i learnt a lot from him. So Lets start .

On Wednesday
I went to the FyensStiftidende offices in Odense, where i met Christian and we were off on our travels. First he had to photograph school Children who had won gymnastic equpitment for the day. This was great just watching Christian, a real photographer getting in the kids faces. Crazy. The pictures came out great :) Then we went to a construction sight on the beach front where This huge house was being build right in front of another other one. So The owner was complaining. Yes a 2.5 Million dollar complaint. SO he took some photographs, and he really helped me see the creative side at any momment. Putting a rope in the foreground and the houses in the background, just to make it a little more interesting.
We then headed over to Middelfart and had to take photographs of a new bank, the architechure was brilliant, it was amazing going into parts of this bank that no other people were alowed to go. Just the reported, photographer and I :)
And ofcourse all the pictures were published in the newspaper for thursday.

We travelled to Assens where we had to photograph a Real estate agent Lady who has been selling peoples houses lately because of the financial crisis. She was lovely, and we only had an emty house but Christian again got the creative side out and did something Brilliant.
Back to Odense and to an Italien Reasuraunt which had just got a new cheif. Now this time it was me doing the photographing :) I used my camera (EOS 400d) and i was away, snapping at this cheif as he was cooking something amazing. And then we photographed the food too. Difficult i must say, as i have never experienced food photography before.
And after we finnished, we got to eat the food. Three Course meal worth 400Kr ($150 NZ dollars) for free. Yummy.

I couldnt believe it. I was going to the Denmark photography awards. An invite only event. And I... from New Zealand... was going... WHAT!!!
It was absolutly amazing, best experiences of my LIFE. Surrounded by Famous photographers who were getting awards. The photographs were BRILLIANT. Something i wish i could do one day in the future. I was so inspired. So in love, with photography that is.

I didnt want to leave ofcourse, but had to. After a delioushous meal at the awards, Christian and i went back to the offices and edited the photos. The next job was at 7pm and this time i was going to photograph again. We went 20minutes out of Odense to a little school who was doing a play. I used my camera again with some of Christians Lenses. And off i went to photograph. It was fun, and inspiring as i felt like i was working for the newspaper. haha. The pictures i took were published in the Newspaper. With my name and everything. Can you believe it. They are below. Can't believe it. Best week of my life, something ill never forget, something which inspired me so much to be (what i had been thinking of for about a year but had other options)..
A Photographer..

Thanks to Christian Brandt and Poul Kjaergaard who made it happen for me. I am simply blessed.
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