Friday, February 6, 2009

France and Swizerland Trip

So i thought i better update you all on what i have been doing :) I know i have been a little slack on the writing part, although you have seen pictures!!
As you may/ may not know i went to FRANCE on a ski Vacation on Friday the 23rd of Jan To the 1st Feb.
We Travelled from Denmark, Down into germany- through hamburg and frankfurt and Finally into france which took about 10 or more hours!!!!
When we got to France we drove to the highest mountain in the city we were in, to find a special place that we would stay that night. We were going to stay in a Monistry. A place where Nuns live, a sacered place just for them. It was home to one of the only woman Saints in the world many years ago. It was just beautiful. Snow was falling as we got there. Magical :)

So we stayed in this beautiful place! Had breakfast in the morning, IN FRANCE, French Style wahoo! I still couldnt believe i was in France though it was amazing. The Buildings were so beautiful, the views spectacular! This Beautiful building was called "Chapel of Tears" It was all seramics in gold.It was a place where the Woman Saint would go to cry for her father who died. The pictures on the walls were amazing , all detailed down to fingers and toes, flowers and insects. Very Symbolic pictures, and writing in Latin :)

So after seeing this magnificant place we travelled again another 10 hours i think, through Switerland and into France once again. I will never forget that car ride, besides being with my amazing new family, the view outside the window was like nothing i have ever seen before. Swizerland was cold and covered in snow, the houses of all colours so cute a clumped together. If you lived here you basically owned your own Vineyard. The whole country was covered in them, right next to your house, not suttle like in the country ( a field like in NZ) We drove past a huge lake and through the swiss/ french alps. One minute i was in Swizerland the next i was in France it was crazy. In france the houses changed though. There became long streets with hight houses towering over us. If you lived there you lived on your neibours doorstep literally, but it was kind of cozy!!

And at last we reached AVOIAZ, Located in the French Alps, right BAM in the middle. After a long drive i was ready to go to bed thats for sure. It was simply amazing at AVOIAZ, a city on the snow. Cafes, Bars, supermarkets, internet, shops, everything you ever need. We even had horses to take us around places!!! It was like christmas all year around, so cozy!.

And at last we went skiing, in France and Switerland. it was beautiful. The slopes like nothing i have every seen before wahooo :) i had the best week ever, best vacation!!!

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Solvej Illum Mayland said...

lyder som om du havde en dejlig tur. det kunne jeg også godt tænke mig...