Monday, November 10, 2008

That Bad Weather

Some say Monday is a bad day to start with, it's Monday! But in Denmark right now, that is the least of my worries!!! The weather in Denmark is getting sooo bad here, this morning i rode my bicycle to school- well i thought thats what i was doing, but i was hardly moving as the wind was so bad! I wear rain pants and a jacket, damnn its hard bicycling in all this, keeping the hood over my head , sweating because its hard but freezing because its so cold haha oooh the wonders of the Danish weather. Hehe it's the cultural experience.. i keep saying that to myself... haha X


Pablo said...

Hey Shannon!
Nice blog!
I have to read everything! I will! :)
I agree, the weather is getting soo bad!
Hope see you soon!

Colleen said...

Hey Shannon hello from North Ridge in NZ where it is summer time - too hot to ride bikes! Ethan's pool/pool party last night @ Number 27 -didn't make as much noise as you used to -haha!
Continue enjoying all the great cultural experiences in Denmark lucky you and we will all keep missing you around here!