Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Funny Weekend

Well i havnt written in here for a while, i guess its because im so damn busy with everything going on!! but i thought i better update you all.

Schools school haha then on friday night the town Middelfart had a carnival, it was so nice!!! People frm all over Middelfart came out and there were shops and music and costumes and old dancing. There were bands, circus acts and boat rides!! It was a really fun night just seeing how Middelfart really is and what fun it can have... Got a little tooo old for us about nine though so.....my friend Simone came over and Jacob had one of his friends Yonas over too, we played drinking games it was a lot of fun haha the New Zealand way!!! Then on Saturday we all just bumed around and relaxed! Saturday night Jacob and i watched scary movies till 4am and man one of them was the scaryest movie i have ever seen in my life!!! ´´The Decent´´ omg, it was crazy scary!!!! And on sunday we all made a family trip to the H.C Andersons house which ofcourse was in Odense (the largest city on Fyn). That was amazing, i got to see a great writter ) who wrote The little mermaid and The Ugly duckling for those of you who nver knew) haha but it really was something else!! We then went to a little village that was preserved, so people like tourist me and come and see what life was like in the time that H.C. Anderson lived. It was crazy but really amazing because we really have nothing like that in New Zealand, no way that old!!

Monday, Danish lessons again!! Its slowly coming people, don't worry!! Felipe and i took some exchange student momments which ofcourse are hilarious and stupid!! But we make the most out of everything haha So much fun!! Very Tired. But having the time of my life wahooooooo xxx

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